Installing FX Communicator Client Browser Tool

The Client Browser Tool is an ActiveX control which will embed itself into the Internet Explorer when installed. It is no different than the Google toolbar, Yahoo toolbar, Adobe Acrobat or Macromedia Flash.

When installed the Client Browser Tool lets you call an agent directly from a webpage.

If you have previously installed a prior version of the Client Browser Tool and need to update it, you will need to follow the steps immediately below before proceeding to the install section:

Step 1. Go to Control Panel

Step 2. Go to Add or Remove Programs

Step 3. Click once on Web Interactive Communicator, then click Change/Remove.

Step 4. Reboot Computer

Step 5. Install Client Browser Tool by following steps below

Installing the Client Browser Tool can be done in 3 easy steps.
Step 1
Downloading the Client Browser Tool

Please enter your name and email address then select Start Download to begin installing.

Step 2
Installing the Client Browser Tool

When the installation of Client Browser Tool begins, please click the Run button in each window that appears.


If using XP this dialog box might appear, if it does click Continue Anyway.

Step 3
Start using the Client Browser Tool

Close out of your browser completely, this includes any other web pages you had open.  When you reopen your browser, you will see a Call Button [example below] on any pages where the institution allows online chatting.

Example of a call button

Note that the first time you use the Client Browser Tool it prompts for your user information.

If you don't check the Do not prompt on every call this prompt will show up every time you hit the Call Button.

**If you have any issues downloading the software, please contact us.